About Us

The Mission of the Wildcat Club is to assist Lake Highlands High School student athletes and coaches, to increase adult/parent involvement and support of the high school, and to improve our Lake Highlands community through the athletic programs of Lake Highlands High School as well as the Lake Highlands Freshman Center, Lake Highlands Junior High and Forest Meadow Junior High.

Since 1987, the Wildcat Club has been providing funds to the Lake Highlands area school athletic programs.  These funds have been used to buy items not funded by RISD as well as many of the following: Uniforms; Sports Equipment, Warm-ups and Travel Bags; Tournament Fees; Team Posters; Video Equipment and Processing; Plaques and Engraving; Scholarship and Capital Funds; Fitness/Training Equipment; Championship Banners; Equipment, Uniforms and Support for Freshman and Junior High Athletics.

Our athletes at LHHS, LHFC, FMJH and LHJH have all benefitted from this financial support.

Annually, each coach of our approximately 20 sports programs works with a parent-advisor (a parent who is a member of the Wildcat Club and has a child participant in the sport) to identify the appropriate items for funding.  All requests for funding are reviewed and approved by the Wildcat Club prior to expenditure.  This process helps the Club ensure that monies are spend in accordance with UIL rules.

These funds and the benefits to our athletes have been made possible because of the tremendous support of the Lake Highlands community and its members.  With your support, our athletic programs will continue to thrive!

Please contact membership chairs if you have any questions.  Click to view Wildcat Club Bylaws.